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Alice Box DNA Psychokinetic ITC Device
The Alice Box DNA ITC Box is a standalone handheld device that conveniently runs on 4 x AA alkaline batteries.
Alice DNA inherits all of the unique algorithms and routines used by the popular software version, developed over several years, and runs in its own chassis/casing.
In addition, each selected word is clearly announced acoustically.
The Alice Box DNA Psychokinetic ITC Device has a two-line display showing the current word and the previous word.
This will make for some extremely interesting and atmospheric investigations!
Alice requires 4 x AA alkaline batteries which will provide approximately 6-8 hours of continuous use.
Depending on the brand of alkaline batteries used, Alice can run longer.
When the batteries need changing, the device will occasionally reset or play an audible click after words are spoken.
Alice is exclusively produced by Infraready and Psi. The device is only available in these two stores.

Only a few devices are currently in stock within the EU!

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